Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Felt like Valentine's Day

Our craft list is busy as ever. We're recently back from attending TNNA, where we enjoyed seeing the latest trends in needle arts- and crafting books! We're always looking for fresh crafting books, so if you're inspired, please contact us!

Introducing Betz White, one of our newest FCL family members. Betz has a book forthcoming with North Light called WARM FUZZIES, a debut craft book from the queen of felting! You're probably familiar with her gorgeous felt cupcakes on www.betzwhite.com. Want to learn how to make some of this fun stuff? You can catch her alongside Martha Stewart this Friday:


With Valentine's Day coming up you'll also be seeing more of THIRTY TO WIFE author Craig Michaels. Valentine's Day is a big day for popping the question, so keeping checking back with his lively site groom411.com for tips on, well, how not to mess things up from here on in!!!

Already have a guy, but just don't know what to get him for V-day? Check out www.askjayclayton.com, author of the tentatively-titled: THE REAL DEAL: How to Date and Marry a Quality Black Man. His latest posting does the shopping for you!: http://www.askjayclayton.com/content/view/207/1/

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