Tuesday, July 24, 2007

From the Desk of Jenna (Intern Extraordinaire)

Let Us Read Your Work… Please!

Hi! My name is Jenna, and I am proud and excited to be a new intern at Full Circle Literary. As Lilly mentioned in her last blog post, I will be providing some inside tips about getting past that first stage of filtering submissions.

Let’s start with the beginning: packaging. It’s the first experience we have with your submission, so let’s make it a pleasant one! Although your writing is no doubt precious to you, there is no need for advanced security measures to be taken. This means no duct tape, packaging tape, vaults or cryptexes! After all, you do want us to read your work! If you are concerned about the safety of your manuscript, a little scotch tape will do the trick.

Now that we’ve conquered the impenetrable fortress that is your packaging, is it possible for us to read your work without going blind? The answer to this question is NO if the following are true of your submission:

-the font is smaller than 12pt.
-the font style is a lovely script reminiscent of a handwritten letter of the 1700s.
-the font style is so ahead of its time, the characters don’t even resemble letters in the English alphabet.
-the lines are single spaced.
-the color of your text is a seemingly cute periwinkle or baby blue.

Remember, adding these whistles and bells to your manuscript is only a visual cue that you might be trying to do something flashy to distract us from how poor your writing is. But of course, your writing isn’t poor… in fact it’s great! So all I ask is that you give us a fair chance to read it. Keep it simple and let your wonderful work speak for itself.


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