Friday, February 12, 2010

From the Author's Perspective: Connecting With An Agent

Authors often wonder how they can go about meeting an agent, or what the process will be like for them. We're happy to report that our author Debra Berndt, author of LET LOVE IN, which will hit shelves right after Valentine's Day, is featured in the Guide to Literary Agents.

Wonder whether you have "Agent at first sight"? Or what it takes to really connect?

She'll tell you how she met us, and what the experience was like for her as an author seeking agency representation.

Check out her interview here!

Extra tip:
If you're looking for love, pick up a copy of her new book. I"m serious! Let Love In is about helping your subconscious get on board with the love life you dream about. And she's not just the author, she's the club president. Her story and expertise will inspire you so that this is the last Valentine's Day you spend alone!


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