Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creative Inc. Video and Book News!

Design*Sponge posted great early praise to kick off the launch of CREATIVE INC and this adorable stop-motion animation video featuring authors Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho! You can read the complete feature and see video here:

We're so thrilled about the launch of this book which follows Meg's hipster classic, Craft Inc. Creative, Inc. is an essential resource for ALL creatives--from illustrators to photographers to designers, animators, stylists, and more--who want to succeed at doing what they love!

Follow the Creative, Inc. blog tour which begins this week! Favorite craft and design bloggers will share exclusive interviews and behind the scene looks at the book and video, host giveaways, and much more.

Here's the schedule:
8/23 Poppy Talk
8/24 Oh Happy Day
8/25 SFGirl By Bay
8/26 Mint Design
8/27 Wit + Delight
8/28 Cathy of California
8/29 Book By Its Cover
8/30 Not Martha
8/31 Frolic
9/01 Upper Case
9/02 Craft
9/03 Decor8
9/04 Kris Atomic
9/05 Grain Edit

You can also meet Meg and Joy in person as they kick off their book tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, beginning on September 9. Come out to meet Meg, Joy and fellow creatives!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cyclops and witches and zombies-oh my!

Welcome to the wondrous world of Beasties, where mythic and imaginary creatures come alive using simple materials, such as scrap fabric and thread. From Werewolves to Yetis to unidentifiable yet adorable beasts, these projects allow crafters to push the limits of their imaginations to sew a menagerie of whimsical beings.

We are tickled to see the debut book by one of our favorite whimsical crafters,
Diana Schoenbrun. A Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Diana's talents include bringing imaginative beasties to life, making adorable puppets out of recycled household goods (stay tuned for her next book!), crafting workshops, as well as design and illustration.

Just released this month
Beasties is truly buzzing, fairies and all!, around crafting and media circles. WOMEN'S DAY featured a sneak peek of a beastie here:

Look for Diana this summer and leading up to a beastie Halloween---meet Diana and some of her beastie friends at these bookstore events and upcoming Etsy workshop! For updated event listing and more book info, visit
Monday October 18th
Etsy Craft Lab
Time: 4:00-8:00pm
Place: 325 Gold Street, 3rd floor in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
Zombie demonstration and craft project from Beasties.
Materials will be supplied by Etsy. More info to come soon.
Saturday August 21
Book signing for "Beasties: How to Make 22 Mischievous Monsters That Go Bump in the Night."
Time: 4:30 pm
Place: RJ Julia Independent Bookseller
768 Boston Post Road Madison, CT 06443
Reading, demonstration, book signing, and raffle
Thursday August 5th
Book Launch Party for "Beasties: How to Make 22 Mischievous Monsters That Go Bump in the Night."
Time: 7 pm
Place: Powerhouse Arena, Brooklyn, NY
Reading, demonstration, and book signing *Special musical appearance by The Debutante Hour

Monday, August 16, 2010

Early praise....From North to South

"From North to South shines a light on the painful experience of family separation from both sides of the border—the questions, the anxiety of waiting, and the hope of a child and his parents. ¡Si se puede!" ----Dolores Huerta, activist, organizer and co-founder of The United Farm Workers of America

Read this review from
La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the U.S.:

Immigration is one of the most hotly contested and divisive issues in the news today, yet the experience of children whose parents are deported is often overlooked.
Author René Colato Laínez knows about this issue all too well. His new book just released from Children’s Book Press, From North to South / Del Norte al Sur, gives voice to all children who face unexpected futures due to the immigration status of their parents.
René shares his new book with children and viewers on Univision's El Club de los Libritos.

René has written many children’s books about the immigrant experience. Born in El Salvador, he fled his civil war–ravaged country as an adolescent and entered the United States an undocumented immigrant. He is an award-winning author who holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College. Now a US citizen, René is an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles.

In the book’s introduction, René writes:
“I am an elementary school teacher. My students’ and my own immigrant experience have been the inspiration for many of my books. One day, one of my students was crying because her father had been deported to Tijuana, Mexico. I discovered that many of the other children had cousins, uncles, or neighbors who had been deported, too. Most of my students had been born in the United States, and it is hard for them to see their loved ones forced to leave this country. For these children, family separation is a traumatic experience.”
The author will be donating a portion of his royalties to El Centro Madre Asunta, a refuge in Tijuana for immigrant women and children.
For more information, visit:

COMIC-CON 2010 -- A view from the floor

Comic-Con hit San Diego last month and our enthusiastic intern Marianne hit the floor and shared these highlights! A few words from Marianne:

Each year San Diego is the place where geeks reign supreme- where individuals dressed as Storm Troopers, Spider-Man, and Disney princesses are the norm .But the San Diego Comic-Con is no longer simply a comic book or science fiction convention. It is truly become a pop culture phenomenon. Hollywood stars arrive to promote their latest films or television shows, publishers showcase their latest fantasy books or graphic novels, and even smaller artists showcase their paintings, comics, and more.

With the attendance reaching over 100,000 attendees and thousands of exhibitors, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer size of such an event. And yet, with patience and a clear head, one can discover some wonderful treasures and gain some insight to what is or will be the next big thing. I was lucky enough to attend this year’s con, and while a great deal of my time was spent devoted to television panels, I also spent some time listening to and speaking with authors, artists, as well as checking out what popular publishers deemed appropriate to bring to Comic-Con.

I had the pleasure of attending a panel for author Jeff Smith, who has a decent sized and devoted following. I saw an enthusiastic and excited young boy who had even brought his book in hopes of obtaining an autograph. Smith’s books are for both young and old and are both done in the comic style, and more adult graphic novel vein. He showcased work from his Bone series, as well as Rasl. (You can see his works here:

Unfamiliar with his work, I was charmed by a reading he treated the audience to. At another panel, its members discussed video games which are being turned into comics to read. I was unfamiliar with many of the games they spoke of, but it was clear that not only were many audience members privy to these games and their worlds, but also that they are dedicated to them. Much similar to way J.R.R. Tolkien created Middle Earth, many of these video game creators have developed exhaustive worlds for their characters to inhabit, and for, now, writers to expand upon.

One type of book, whether it be a comic style novel suitable for children, or the more mature graphic novel- seemed to be the common thread as I checked out publishers on the convention floor. Anime style graphic novels were everywhere- one that stood out artistically for me was the Amulet series, published by graphix, which is an imprint of Scholastic. IDW publishing capitalized on both the media/pop culture and fantasy demographic showcasing their graphic novels based on popular fantasy television shows including “Angel,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “True Blood.” TV shows seem to be a popular inspiration for novels as well. The USA network show “Psych,” which made its second appearance at the convention has spawned several tie-in books.

And quite interestingly, the panel for the crime drama “Castle” not only promoted its upcoming book, but the actors also read quite a titillating excerpt to entertain the audience. What makes this book different is that” Castle” is about a mystery writer named Richard Castle, whose latest book in the show is entitled Naked Heat. This fictional book is now in real life stores for people to read, written by “Richard Castle.” The real name of the author is unknown, but it’s quite a clever tie-in the blurs the line between fiction and reality. As for traditional publishers, the Disney Book group brought a slew of new editions such as The Lightning Thief, and multitude of other publishers from Penguin to Harcourt showcase mainly YA fantasy novels.

Lastly, I had the pleasure to catch up with fellow SDSU graduate Ryan Claytor, creator of Elephant Eater comics (, who was showcasing his “And the One Day Series”, including the latest installment #8. These autobiographical comics are simply drawn and insightfully written, and are limited editions of 100. Each book features amusing conversations with English professor Harry Polkinghorn from SDSU and Claytor himself.

Books such as this are another commonplace to San Diego’s Comic-Con. The floor is filled with talented artists and writers, some well seasoned, and some still relatively new in the publishing business, some signed with notable houses, and some self-published. But all have something unique and interesting to bring to the table. And there’s no doubt in my mind that many of these artists were very well received by the enthusiastic, sometimes eccentric, but always devoted attendees, to one of the year’s most popular events.

If you would like to read about Comic-Con visit:

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