Thursday, September 16, 2010

Story Behind the Story: SIDE BY SIDE/LADO A LADO by Monica Brown

Award-winning author Monica Brown's latest picture book, Side by Side/ Lado a lado is the first children's book to tell the amazing story of Dolores Huerta and her important role working side by side with Cesar Chavez. Together Dolores and Cesar motivated workers to fight for their rights and, in the process, changed history.

This past Labor Day, Monica talked about her new book, Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez on National Public Radio, click here to listen.

Monica shares the story behind writing her story:

Writing this book was inspiring and intimidating because both individuals are my personal heroes. Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez did what some of us only dream about doing. They worked to change the world and make it better. They were dedicated to advocacy and human rights for our nation’s farm workers and believed, as I write in my book, “that it was time for the workers to share in the harvest.”

Few people know the important role that Dolores Huerta played as co-founder of the United Farm Workers movement. I wanted to tell her story, and I wanted my daughters to know that women can be incredible leaders in the fight for change.

As I was writing the book, it was an honor to talk with Dolores Huerta and her daughter, Lori de Leon, and I was thrilled that Dolores agreed to share a quote
after reading the manuscript which is included in the book. At age 80, Dolores Huerta is still fighting for justice through her Foundation. She is an inspiration to all! You can find out more at

Monica Brown will be participating in the Texas Book Festival on October 16-17. She will also read and sign books at a Dolores Huerta Foundation event in Bakersfield, California, on November 4. Download a free SIDE BY SIDE discussion guide, and look for more information on future events and books by Monica Brown at:

Friday, September 10, 2010

SheKnows Picks Top Books for Teens!

Sarah Burninghams's BOYOLOGY and HOW TO RAISE YOUR PARENTS (both published by Chronicle Books) were selected for the "Top 15 Books for Teens" on the huge online parenting network

For a complete list of recommended titles, click here.

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