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New Teen Series BORDER TOWN by Malin Alegria!

Malin Alegria's new teen series BORDER TOWN will be released in English and Spanish-language editions from Scholastic beginning in May. The first-ever young adult series starring Latina teens living in a Texas border town, explores the physical and social boundaries of life on the border. NPR's Morning Edition talked with Malin about her writing and new series, listen here.

"Packed with action and surprising twists and turns up to the very last page, this start to the new Border Town series is a gripping mystery and also a warm, contemporary Latino drama of extended family and friends....With lots of laughs, especially about small town lack of privacy and about extended family, the drama is both suspenseful and touching. A “Tex-Mex” glossary with Spanish words is included. " -- Booklist May 15, 2012

Book #1: Crossing the Line (Scholastic, available May 2012)

Nothing is simple in a border town like Dos Rios, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Even for high school students Fabiola Garza and her younger sister Alexis, whose parents run a local Tex-Mex restaurant, Dos Rios is full of borders — where you should go, who your friends should be, which boy you should date.

Dos Rios is also full of opportunities, but it’s a town divided, between the haves and the have-nots, the Whites and the Mexicans-Americans, the Texans and the Mexicans, the legal and illegal. But through it all, the Garza sisters have each other. Water can be crossed, but blood is the ultimate borderline — no matter what.

Book #2: Quince Clash (Scholastic, available July 2012)

If Fabiola Garza had her way, her quinceanera would simple ---- two airline tickets to New York City and her best friend in tow. Sadly, things hardly ever go Fabi's way.

After mean girl Melodee lays down a quinceanera challenge in front of the entire school, Fabi is forced to upgrade her party plans. Melodee is rich and popular, her quinceanera will be effortlessly epic. Fabi is at a loss as to how to make her party remotely as fun and fabulous as Melodee's is sure to be. Younger sister Alexis steps in with a scheme to get Fabi on the TV show Quince Dreams, but Fabi isn't convinced she won't end up in a quince nightmare instead.

Book #3: Falling Too Fast (Scholastic, available Nov 2012)

Book #4: No Second Chances (Scholastic, 2013)

Visit Scholastic's THIS IS TEEN and Malin Alegria's website for more information about the books and upcoming events and publicity.

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